Wipro Previous Placement Paper1

Section 1: Verbal Ability (20 questions)

1. Given below are words three of which belong to the same category. Find the word which does not belong to that category.

A) Entertain B) Dialogue C) Snoop D) Welcome

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2. In the following sentence one important punctuation mark is missing. Select a suitable one from the given options.

Malati not her sister is in the University.

A) “ “ B) , C) : D) !

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3. Given below are sentences which when arranged logically form a coherent passage. Choose the option which gives the correct sequence.
S1. The Hound of Baskervilles was feared by the people of the area.
P. Some people spoke of seeing a huge, shadowy form of a hound at midnight on the moor.
Q. But they spoke of it in tones of horror.
R. Nobody had actually seen the hound.
S. The shadowy form did not reveal any details about the animal.
S6. The hound of Baskervilles remains an unsolved mystery.


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4. Choose the lettered pair that expresses a relationship most similar to the relationship expressed in the capitalized pair. INFALLIBLE: ERROR

A) irreversible : cure B) invulnerable : emotion
C) impeccable : flaw D) intolerable : defect

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5. Select among the given choices, the word for blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

With the merger of ICICI with ICICI bank, the latter had become a _____ force in the Indian sector with assets of over Rs.1 lakh crore and a wide variety of services.

A) stupendous B) formidable C) vulnerable D) stupefying

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6. Select the word or phrase among the given choices that is most nearly similar in meaning to the word – OBLIVIOUS

A) Indifferent B) Watchful C) Precarious D) Unmindful

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7. Select the word among the given choices that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word – LUSCIOUS

A) Dry B) Sour C) Ugly D) Stale

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8. For the following sentence, choose the most suitable word from the given options.
It was a ____day on which the Germans invaded Russia.

A) fatal B) fitful C) fatalist D) fateful

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9. Select among the given choices a word to fill in the blank.
It is unfortunate that the unruly crowd _____ the limited over match between India and the West Indies.

A) distorted B) disrupted C) doomed D) dispersed

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10.Given below are four words, three of which belong to the same category. Find the word which does not belong to that category.

A) Intemperance B) Intelligence C) Intention D) Intelligible

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